Mark Twain Montblanc


Patricia Truslow, Contributor

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mark twain montblancA fitting tribute to a writer of Mark Twain's fame is a special Montblanc pen designed in his honor. In 2010, the one-hundredth anniversary of Twain's death, the Montblanc pen company released writing instruments called The Mark Twain Montblanc. The original supply of the Mark Twain Montblanc consisted of 12,000 fountain pens, 15,000 ball-point pens, 6000 rollerball pens and 3000 sets containing both pens and a mechanical pencil.

Each of the Montblanc pens is designed with remembrances of the honoree. The design of the Mark Twain Montblanc has curving lines on the cap and barrel in deep blue resin which represents the waves of the Mississippi River that Twain loved so much. The top, or cap, of the pen replicates the chimney on a steamboat, complete with ivory resin as the steam. The pocket clip is in the shape of a Jew's harp, an instrument played in the South during Twain's era. The pen also contains a print of Mark Twain's signature along with a two fathoms rope engraved on the eighteen-karat gold nib, or point of the pen.

At the time the Mark Twain Montblanc writing instrument was released, an average price for the limited edition fountain pen was $2500 and $770 for the ballpoint version. Today, unverified versions sell online for $1200.